5k Training

Happy Tuesday!!

I am a little late with my 5K post due to the crazyness of work! Everyone always needs something on the same day… that is usually how my Monday’s go 🙂

I have been organizing a fun little activity for our office to do and I thought what better than doing a 5k run/walk. There is a Mavs Run This Town 5k this Thursday that we will all be participating in and I am so excited. I was a little skeptic at first since I do not know what kind of physical activity everyone in our office actually does but I was shocked when over half of the employees were interested in doing this. It could have been the after party in the beer garden or that you get a FREE ticket to a Mavericks game but hey Ill take it 🙂 I have done about ten 5k races so for me I saw this as an opportunity to get some exercise and maybe help a couple people along the way. I am still trying to talk myself into doing another half marathon but I am thinking of starting after the holidays!!

I found this 4 week training calendar on google about 3 years ago and I have always used this for races. I love running outside more than a treadmill so try and find places that are some what hilly for extra training. I do at least one treadmill workout a week at the gym for the incline purposes but I am definitely a fan of running outside 🙂



Here are a couple tips when it comes to training for any type of race that will come in handy.

  • Gear up. While those go-to kicks might be great for everyday wear, that doesn’t mean they’re right for distance running.  I am a fan of Saucony or Asics for running. They seem to last longer and protect your feet from blisters. It is always good to try multiple pairs on and run around the store in them if you can. On race day, wear lightweight clothing that covers your armpit areas and inner thighs. There is nothing worse than chafing while running. If it is a little chilly, wrap a jacket or long sleeve shirt around your waste and try and wear ear muffs to protect your ears.
  • Team up. Staying motivated can be tricky when flying solo. Grab a friend, neighbor, or join a running club for extra encouragement to go the distance.
  • Sign up. Sure, there are plenty of 5Ks to choose from, but when has procrastination ever really worked in our favor? It never hurts to sign up early and keep that eye on the prize!
  • Warm up. To stave off injury, stretching is a must before every run. Try walking lunges, straight leg marches (a.k.a. Frankensteins— yup, just as awesome as they sound!), and leg swings, which engage more of the body than static stretches .
  • Master the form. Some people don’t like running because it doesn’t always feel good for them. Making sure you have the correct form and proper technique will prevent injury and in the long run help your overall health. You will soon love the sport of running and in turn it will just get easier. Here are a couple running techniques to learn the proper fore-foot foot strike and the basic head-to-toe running form .
  • Cross-train. Variety is the spice of life— and a great way to keep from running in circles! Try mixing it up with a weekly team sport, weight lifting session, or kick-butt cycling class.
  • Listen to your body. Running isn’t always easy, but that doesn’t mean it should be painful. If anything feels like more than a 6 out of 10 on the pain scale, consider taking caution. Just remember that running is high impact exercise, so it’s natural to feel winded and for the body to ache and hurt a little bit. That should all eventually go away!

Remember, running can by fun and a great exercise for everyone. Be safe, be smart and most of all enjoy the ride 🙂

Happy Running!!

Brittany 🙂

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