It was chilly in Dallas for the first time last week (only in the morning) so I decided why not go ahead and look the part for fall. I am obsessed with color but I also still love my black. This comfy shirt from Target actually has a lace cutout in the back. It will literally go with anything including any type of scarf 🙂 I found these pants on sale at Old Navy for under $20. That is a steal! I have had these boots from Gap for a couple years now but they are my go to for any and every outfit. I waited for them to go on sale… I love me a good bargain honey!

Now if there is one thing you need to know about me it is that I am totally obsessed with Charming Charlies. If you do not know about Charming Charlies please come have a seat in my closet and I will tell you all about it. I am obsessed with idea that they set up everything by color or pattern. Turquoise section, black and gold section, purple section and so on with any and every color possible. Jewelry, accessories, purses, shoes, clothes and scarf heaven! This leopard print infinity scarf was $10 so I bought 5 in like every color! Like come on…. Its a fashionistas dream! If you are not a fan of Charming Charlies that is ok too we all have our own shopping favs. I spend a lot of my shopping time here so you will be seeing more awesome purchases very soon.

Happy Fall!

Brittany 🙂