Garnier “Skin Active”Review


Do you have oily skin? As I have already mentioned before, my skin is pretty oily and very acne prone. I still cant figure out why or when it will EVER stop but I guess that’s life. My mom has always said she thinks its from sweat and working out. I’m always on the search for some type of serum, moisturizer, cream or face wash to try and control the oiliness of my skin. Usually, I will try something new probably wont see any change and go right back to my usual Neutrogena Acne Face Wash. Recently, I was introduced to Garnier’s new Skin Active line which is targeted for acne prone and oily skin. So it was only obvious that this was made for my skin… (or I hope at least) 🙂

Over the weekend I purchased two products that I had read great reviews about and saw amazing results:

Garnier Shine Control Cleansing Gel – Ulta $7.99

Garnier Pore Purifying Clay Mask – Ulta $8.99

I actually use some of their hair texturizing products so I have some trust in their products. Garnier’s new trio of products are all dermatologist & ophthalmologist tested for safety and are gentle on the skin. The clay (charcoal) mask was the main product I was really excited to try but I read that the cleanser helps with the oily skin as well. Charcoal has been all the rave when it was introduced in 2014 and since then a number of beauty brands have released products infused with this “secret weapon”! Let’s take a closer look at these Garnier products:

Step 1

Mask 2

Full Makeup

I absolutely love this product and cannot say enough good things about it. I never really thought I had oily skin, but discovered (after trying many different brands of cleansers) that I did. This is the only cleanser I found that thoroughly cleans my face without leaving it completely dry. I get a deep and invigorating clean that leaves my skin soft and smooth, not tight. As an added plus, the moisturizers in this product do not make the skin on my face feel greasy or more oily than it already is. All you need is one pump of this and it is powerful enough for your whole face. I love this stuff!

Mask 3

Cleanly washed face (a look into my struggle)

Step 2

Mask 4

This new creamy clay-based formula combines daily cleansing and a detox mask in one easy to use product. Activated charcoal is known to draw out oils and dirts that block the pores, eliminate blackheads and acne and detoxify the skin. Sounds good right? I was pretty excited to try it. The texture of the mask isn’t too thick or heavy so I actually appreciated that. I could feel the product start working within the first minute of applying. It was getting tighter the longer it stayed on and I could feel the tingling within the first few seconds. I let it set for about 7 minutes before I washed it off. I immediately saw a difference in my complexion and pores. My face felt silky smooth and OIL FREE!!! Amazing! I am hoping the more I use this product the less acne I see 🙂

Step 3

Mask 5

I completed the process with my latest obsession…. Philosophy Hope in a Jar! See my review here.

Overall, I would suggest these products if you do have oily or acne prone skin. I saw immediate results within the first use and could totally tell a difference in my pores and complexion. They are pretty affordable and smell amazing!

What do you think of the new Garnier skincare lines? Is there anything you’re wanting to try or recommend?

Brittany 🙂

13 thoughts on “Garnier “Skin Active”Review

  1. I used the Biore Charcoal face wash for a little while and I liked it, but never noticed any huge changes. I have oily, acne prone skin too so I understand the struggle. I will definitely be checking out that mask! I’m so glad you shared these.

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