State Fair of Texas recap



If there is something that I look forward to every year besides Christmas, it is the State Fair of Texas!!! I have gone every year since I was a baby so growing up with a tradition like the fair is pretty close to my heart. When the weather starts getting cooler and college football starts I know the fair is around the corner too. I have taken my son the last 3 years and he absolutely LOVES it. The rides, the food, games, animals, dog shows and of course Big Tex! Personally, I look forward to the cotton candy (nothing like a big bag of sugar from the fair), fried food (tator twisters, fried oreos and fried cheesecake are delicious) and riding my favorite ride, the carousel. I haven ridden it every year since my first trip to the fair at the age of 3. So we decided to go on Monday, my son’s fair day (yes, Texas designates a day off from school to attend the fair lol ) but I think the rest of Texas actually had the same idea. I have never seen it so packed besides Texas/OU weekend…. and it was super hot! We luckily got there early enough to enjoy some time to eat and ride a couple rides without standing in line. It was only a matter of time after that when everyone started showing up and lines starting getting longer and longer…. But it was all worth it!

food booth

This booth is what we try to hit up first before the long lines for the bacon wrapped corny dog. I may die of a heart attach at a young age but every bite is worth it lol. The other thing that I try to get every year are the tator twisters… You cant find these anywhere else in America that have the right amount of grease and flavor topped off with a whole jug of ketchup! My son is a huge fan as he pretty much devoured them lol 🙂


And like every year, we have to get a Big Tex picture. He is the tradition of the State Fair of Texas. He talks to the crowd every 20 minutes so of course my son wanted to wait for him to do his traditional “Howdy folks, I’m Big Tex!!!” but he loves it so whatever he wants, he gets lol 🙂

big tex

Within minutes, my son wanted to ride the rides so we made our way to the Midway. This is where they have any and every game you could play along with hundreds of rides. And of course we had to do the traditional carousel ride 🙂


Watergun shoot…. I think my son played this game about 30 times (no joke) before they just gave him a bear lol…. We had to buy 3 rounds of points in order for him to play. He was in heaven and I think this made his whole trip 🙂


The ferris wheel is another state fair tradition but it costs about 30 coupons to ride (30 coupons=$18 dollars) It is one of those, been there done that type of rides but it is a must if you have never gone on it before. You can see the whole city of Dallas and it is the perfect light show at night.

ferris wheel

They have a farm animal building that we recently starting going to for Ridge. He loves animals almost as much as he loves his cars. From giraffes to goats to lamas, you can see pretty much every farm animal and you can also feed them. I was snapping a picture of the goats and this little guy was cheesing…. So cute 🙂


When it started getting super hot we decided to go ahead and do the car building. There is any and every car you could possibly want to see. It is all of the 2016 cars with access to take a seat inside and check out all of the features and gadgets. My husband, dad and son are in heaven the entire time…. I only go for the air conditioning 🙂


When we stepped outside to get more food, that was the moment we realized it is waaaaaaaayy to crowded and hot!!! We grabbed a water and decided to go ahead and call it a day. This is the view from the car show entrance that I thought was a perfect shot to end our day.


All in all we had a great time at the fair. If you are ever in Dallas and get a chance to go, I HIGHLY recommend it. There is nothing better than food, friends and FUN!

Have a fabulous weekend!

Brittany 🙂




4 thoughts on “State Fair of Texas recap

  1. I went to the state fair of Texas for the first time this year and it was AMAZING! But I made the mistake of going on the TX/OU game weekend and it was SO crowded- I will plan my trip a little bit better next year! 🙂


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