Giving it another shot… Pure Barre round 2

pure barre 2

Well, I am alive!!! Barely walking today, every movement hurts, burns to go to the bathroom but…. I survived! Its amazing how being a runner and a dancer is a piece of cake but after a ONE hour class of Pure Barre I feel like I got ran over. I can definitely tell it is working. I was not as intimidated or nervous as the first class but since every class is different I was little anxious as to what we would be doing this round. I even bought the sticky socks they suggest you purchase so I am not sliding the whole time we are in a plank ( I highly recommend buying the socks – we will regret it )

I walked in like a veteran of Pure Barre with my leggings, pure barre socks and Lululemon top. Went to get my ball, band and weights and sat down ready to dominate this workout. Thought to myself, “I got this”…….. I had the same teacher thankfully so I didn’t have to look like an idiot to someone else. Got through the warm-up; piece of cake! We did some other things with the ball that I had not done before and now I could feel the burning throughout my body. Ok, here we go Brittany! Suck it up! I tell myself this a lot, especially when I am running. (When you are on a National Collegiate dance team for 5 years, you are pretty much told this on a daily basis 🙂

About 30 minutes into class, I was back to where I felt last week… a shaking rookie! We did workouts totally different from the first class and some of them might have been harder. I now see why they switch it up every class – it keeps it exciting and challenging. We go to the barre as one of the last workout, sit on our burning bottoms and are instructed to wrap the band around the barre and hold on. Then we SLOWLY lift our legs to our faces. Being a dance teacher, this is something we do with our kids. It helps with flexibility and strength – so why did this feel so much different? When you are holding on to a band rather than a barre you are using your core rather than your seat to bring your legs up. Its the little things you do not think about that make a HUGE difference. I am pretty a dying worm by this time and ready for the cool down. I have worked off the oatmeal, smoothie, pretzels and diet coke from the entire day and maybe more…. But I left there feeling amazing and ready for a shower! I think I might now be sucked into the Pure Barre world and will make this one of my weekly workouts. I am a runner, dance teacher and I like to workout at the gym so I don’t think I can do it more than once a week but hey you never know.. I could end up wanting to teach it 🙂

Stay tuned for more workouts and classes as I continue to try new things.

Brittany 🙂

pure barre


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