My trip to Ulta

I went to Ulta on my lunch break today to get a “few” things… My $5 lunch turned into a $90 lunch!

Thoughts I have walking through Ulta….
PLEASE tell me I am not the only one that does this??!!!!
– Walk in. Ok, I’ll be out in 5 minutes. Where is the mascara?? Oooh, nail polish! I could use a new fall color. But I have a ton at home already. They’re only $3. Maybe I’ll get 2 colors. It’s fall… I gotta be festive.

– I should probably get a shampoo while I’m here, I’m running low anyways. They’re buy one get one half off?! Score! So, guess I should get a conditioner too since I just got my hair colored… Wait, what’s this leave-in miracle potion?

– Well, I should probably check the ‘expensive’ brand shampoos too. I mean, it’s my hair, right? It needs to be taken care of properly. More expensive means more ingredients and the others aren’t like magic in a bottle! It’s a 10. Yes I’ve used this before… Well, this tiny bottle is $19.99 but it does 10 THINGS at once so, I should probably get this one. (puts other shampoo back on shelf.)

– Ooooh did they get new makeup!?! I’m already here so let me just quickly look, I won’t buy anything. (LOL)

– I probably need some more lipgloss… NYX is buy one, get one half off? I feel like I’m MAKING money at this point..

– (Walking to cash register) wait, what did I come in here for again? That’s right, mascara. (Walks to other side of store)

– Oh this mascara tube is fancy! Two bristles made of natural rubber AND waterproof? Done. I need an eyebrow pencil too… This one is pretty and has two colors Oh wait, how much is it… $27? Well, my eyebrows HAVE to be on fleek so I’m getting it.

1- Ok Brittany… You have already used your whole lunch hour! *Walks to register again and thinks* I hope I didn’t spend too much, but it’s okay, I NEED this stuff. “Ok, so your total today is $89.75!!! FML. Remember, this is all stuff you need. Oh wait, I have a coupon for $3.50 off. NBD. Like that makes a difference.

I did get some pretty good stuff 🙂

nail polish

These were $3 each and perfect for fall!!!

its a 10

Heard this stuff is amazing! I use the straightening spray before I dry my hair and I love it! I hope the conditioner works miracles 🙂


NYX has the best lipgloss colors. I love iridescent EVERYTHING and they last all day for me. I use a primer on my lips to help them stay all day.


This mascara better work some miracles lol – I have heard some good things about it so of course I HAD to see what the fuss was about 🙂


I am not a big eyebrow guru but I do know it is better to have a primer just like everything else so it lasts longer. Testing this one to see how it works!

I sure hope I am not the only one on the makeup struggle bus. This is just like Target… go in for ONE thing and leave with $200 worth of stuff!

Happy Friday!

Brittany 🙂



11 thoughts on “My trip to Ulta

  1. I’m your Ulta sista from another mister! I go there at least twice a week. I went twice this July 4th weekend. I love all of the freebies I’ve been getting lately. I’m such a goofball, that I went on Friday to get something free, and I didn’t even bother putting any make up on, hell, I didn’t even brush my teeth! Then I ended up spending $50 on more make up.

    Being a rewards member rocks! I just did a Ulta freebie post today. I don’t smoke, gamble and barely drink, a girl has to do something for kicks. I actually love Ulta so much I became a shareholder in the company. Unfortunately they don’t pay dividends, but if I sold my stock today I would make a tidy sum.

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      1. I haven’t gotten aboard the Target train. I can never find what I need. The Target by me is in the same strip mall as Ulta. I guess along with being one of the few people who doesn’t watch Game of Thrones, I’m a non Target shopper. The security breach a few years ago really made me not want to shop there.

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