Pure Barre Rookie

pure barre

I am now a married woman and I know this is the time that you start to care less about your appearance because (well lets be honest) we dont need to. I lost 30 pounds for my wedding and I worked really hard to make this happen. So it is only normal to kind of “take a break” from the grusome gym time and sweaty sprints. But, I do not have good genetics or metabolism to just sit around and NOT exercise. I will gain weight. So I decided that I am sick of the same ole gym routine and I need something different. I heard some of the girls in my office talking about Pure Barre and how they love it. I googled the closest location and got all of the details and thought well why not try it out. I have been a dance my entire life, it cant be that bad. “I got this….” I teach dance and a strength and conditioning class, this cant be that bad.

The class I signed up for was on a Thursday night where they run the $10 class special. I did not know if I would like it so better save the money on dinner 🙂 I walked in and everyone was super friendly not that intimidating type of atmosphere. The instructor told me to get weights, a mat and a double resistance band and have a seat. The class started and it seemed pretty chill (we are just stretching) and then she got into the weights. No big deal, I dont really feel a burn anyway thinking to myself “I lift more at the gym so I can do anything with 2 pound weights.” That is the moment I learned what exactly Pure Barre is about. The muscles you dont even know you have!!! Every workout focuses on small, tight motions that really target the trouble areas for women. Butt, thighs, hips, arm flappers, stomach and muffin top 🙂 At least for me those are my trouble spots. I could do all of the workouts but it was how long we were doing them. Pretty soon everything was burning in every area of my body. “This is going to be a long 55 minutes “… I thought 5 minutes into class.

I wont go into every workout of the class but I will say, there are different exercises I would of never thought to try. One of the hip (muffin top) exercises was genius! Sitting with one leg crossed in front of you and the other crossed in the back, you squeeze your hip while trying to lift your back leg. You will feel your hip immediately start burning! The workout lasts about 2-3 minutes but feels like 10. I knew I would be sore in this area for days!! I am not really sweating which makes me feel a little better about my fitness but let me tell you I was shaking. We finish class with a good, long stretch to calming music. I am thinking to myself, I dont know if I want to try this again but in reality this is really what I need. I have an athletic, muscular, big-boned type of body and I really want to be leaner. I am a runner and I know my legs will never be a size 2 but I would like to really lean out my mid-section. I have heard this class can change your body. So, I have already signed up for Thursday night this week! I was also told that not every class is the same so that makes it even more interesting to see what else I will burn. Yes Pure Barre, you sold me 🙂

Brittany 🙂

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