Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following….

As I lay in bed every night next to my husband & fur babies (all snoring,) I scroll through the social media world that is Instagram! There is so much out there in the world its amazing.

I follow and love content from hundreds of fellow makeup junkies, pro artists, creative humans, beauty bloggers, brands, influencers and some funny accounts. But, the following accounts consistently inspire me and I am just loving them lately…



Her account is literally perfection! I want everything in all of her pictures. Girly, colorful, edgy, bright and perfect!



Paula has the best makeup posts if you are a makeup junky. Great recommendations, dupes, must haves etc. Love her picture quality 🙂



More color and bright everything! Natasha’s photos are so much fun and literally give me life! I am so flamingo obsessed and she totally helps 🙂



I see a lot of myself in Nicole… Fun, loves fashion, bling and of course champagne. Love seeing all of her fabulous events and adorable outfits!



Are you noticing a trend here? Color, bright & fun! Those are my favorite things 🙂



This account is a little comedy relief for those parents out there… Kids being kids! Hilarious 🙂



She has such creative ideas and decor. Love her style and seeing all of the exciting projects she does!



Dog lovers must follow… Love seeing all the fur babies all over the world. Always makes me want to open up a dog park 🙂

Thanks for reading my blog! 🙂

What Instagram accounts are you loving? 

Brittany 🙂

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