Closet Revival

New season, new closet!!!!

One of the things on my bucket list was to organize our closets. I started on our closet this past weekend and it took me about 3 long hours. (Yes I was sweating afterwards) When it was all said and done, we had 4 trash bags full of clothes to take to Goodwill! I call that a success!!!!

We have a cedar closet that helps with bugs and flies but it isn’t a HUGE closet. I could not get a shot of our clothes because one of the doors will not go back all the way so you can see how I organized all of our accessories. This was by far the messiest part of our closet!!!

Here are the before and after pictures… Go ahead and judge away! 🙂


Yes, I pretty much piled everything on top of each other. This was driving me crazy for about a year. I felt like I didn’t have the time to organize my shoes or really thought I had enough room to make it all fit. I looked up a view ideas on Pinterest and got to work.

One thing I found really useful for purses and boots were metal shower rings. I found these on the bath aisle at Walmart for $5.


Now… The after pictures of the chaos that is now organized chaos 🙂 Everything on the top rack that is hard to see are hats and summer sandals. I even moved MY chair over on my side now but that doesn’t mean my husband wont be using it to get ready 🙂


I pretty much used the entire bottom wire rack to hang my scarves. I tucked them through the wire part and made them into a knot. My thicker boots have a home on the floor now 🙂


I hung my everyday purses on the shower rings to help them hang pretty and not get ruined by being stacked on top of each other.


Seeing that I only have about 5 wire racks to put shoes, purses and hats on – I needed room for my fall/winter boots. I used the wire hangar that I had my scarves on to hang my everyday boots. I bought this at Walmart a couple years ago in the home section. My other shoes/boots/purses I do not wear for everyday things are put away in a tub very neatly 🙂


I am amazed at how a little organizing and re-arranging can make life so much easier. The chaos is now organized chaos and I feel like I can breathe when I get ready. So if you were wondering if I organized my husbands side…. YES! With a little bit of thinking and some motivation (I opened up a beer first) I organized his side (only accessories). Now, being a guy he is a little messier than I am with his shoes but I fixed that problem real quick 🙂

Here is the before picture ( I couldn’t get all of his shoes on the ground because they were just everywhere lol) His shoes on the racks are pretty neat and tidy but everything else not so much 🙂

before h

And now the after pictures…….. 🙂

after h

after h2

The top racks were hard to get in the pictures but those are now hats and older shoes he never wears. He told me not to throw out ANY of his shoes :/ I used another one of the hangar wire racks to organize his ties. The boots he always wear are now hung with the shower rings.

This is a success in my book! I have never seen our closet so tidy and organized 🙂 Oh and his reaction, “Where did all my shoes go?”…. ME: “In their place!” He was pretty impressed but I did warn him to keep it like this 🙂

I hope you find this post helpful if you are needing to tidy up a little bit. It was hard work but the end result was so worth it!


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