Pumpkin Patching


Happy Fall y’all!!!!!

And Happy Tuesday!!!! The past couple of days have been super busy with soccer games, cheer practice, fall festivities and of course The State Fair of Texas!!!! I have not had time to even pee let alone keep up with my daily posts (guess I might need to take that off my bucketlist lol ) This time of year it is so crazy busy with the kids activities and trying to catch some college football while cleaning the house! But I did however decorate the house with some fall/Halloween decor. That is one of my favorite things to do…. Especially for Christmas! I am a Christmas hoarder and have waaaaaayyy to many decorations but that is the point of Christmas right?!?… I will probably have a million Christmas posts starting very soon 🙂

I went to Hobby Lobby and Target of course for some small stuff for the mantle. The banner, silver & white pumpkin, polka dot pillow and the polka dot pumpkins I found in the $1 section of Target. That is like heaven right when you walk in the door – and if you have little one’s you have to check it out!

I found the orange pumpkin, silver glitter pumpkin and the sunflower holders at Hobby Lobby. I got a bunch of other things but have not had time to even snatch of picture of those. I also decorated our porch with fun fall decor. Found haybells for $6 at Michaels! Snatched up a cute little decorative scarecrow and some white pumpkins to put around the haybells from Michaels. If you are not a member of their email club you need to sign up. They send out coupons daily and I used one for 50% off all of this stuff! I always like a good bargain when I can find one.


On Sunday we went to a pumpkin patch and found lots of great fall stuff!!! I could live in a pumpkin patch I am so obsessed with them! Snatched these babies up and put them all around the house. Of course we had to buy some to decorate and carve for Halloween.


And of course here are our little pumpkins :):):)…. They had a great time picking out their favorites and seeing all of the pretty fall decor. I love this time of year because everything is so colorful…. Now if we could get some cooler weather that would just make everything so much better 🙂

Brittany 🙂

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