Who’s your Valentine?

In lure of Valentines Day, it only fits to do a gushy, mushy love post. Ok, maybe not gushy mushy because I know no one wants to hear those details so more like a “shout out” post. I have seen so many awesome posts about awesome gifts and suggestions on what to get your loved one for Vday but I thought why not brag on my loved one instead. There are many people in my life that I love and could brag about but if I had to choose one person to talk about it would have to be my husband….. 🙂

wedding pic

I cannot believe we’ve almost been married a whole year. We have actually been together 6 years so getting married did not change a whole lot for us but it has made us more connected and become more of a unit. We are building an eternal family together. I have been reflecting on our journey… one that has been filled with joy, challenges, and a great deal of learning! My husband is not perfect, I’m not perfect, and our marriage isn’t perfect, and that is what makes it great because through those difficult times is when your marriage comes out stronger and the joy is greater. It’s like we fall in love more deeply!

For a get-to-know-me type of post, I came up with a list of questions to answer about my valentine. These are just random thoughts and things I reminisced while thinking about our relationship. I would love to hear about that someone special in your life and what makes you happy. The questions can be changed around based on who you would love to write about.. 🙂


What is the most romantic thing your spouse has done for you?

Lets be real for a second, my husband and I are very much alike but also VERY different! I am usually the one that does the gift giving or thoughtful things in our relationship which is totally fine… In the beginning of our relationship he used to literally not get me anything, I was lucky if I got a card. Being an only child, I was a little taken back by this lol – I mean at least SOMETHING dude!! But over the years and many talks, he has actually gotten better about getting me nice things. I would have to say the nicest thing he has done is surprise me with an amazing engagement ring and proposal at Christmas with my entire family present. I would have never thought he would do anything like that around anyone let alone MY entire family. That was a super special day! 🙂 (best part about it is I was in a onesie!!!! lol)


What is your happiest memory that includes your spouse? 

Our engagement pictures!!! I had so many ideas and things I wanted to do. I was all over the place trying to make sure everything was perfect and he was  trooper. My photographer made me feel better and more relaxed throughout the sessions because no matter what I knew the pictures were going to turn out great. The best part about the experience was having a powder paint fight!! We also took some pictures that were amazing of just us being us. We are both silly and cant really take serious pictures so our photographer was awesome at capturing us when we were not even looking.


on back

color engagement



What does your spouse wear that you find sexy? 

I think my husband looks awesome anytime of the day but I would have to say he looks great when he is all suited up for a nice occasion. He looked so handsome for our wedding and I have to say…. he cleans up pretty nice.


What is your favorite thing about your spouse?

He can always make me laugh… No matter what is going on Hector literally will make a joke or try to make the best of the situation. Even during times that I don’t feel like smiling or laughing he always cracks a joke and busts a dance move. I dated so many jerks and douche bags in the past and none of them made me laugh or smile like he does….. He is always the “joke-ster” or comedian in the room so I know I am always going to have a good time wherever we go.


What made you fall in love with your spouse?

What a great question to follow…. If we are being completely honest here, the night we met I never thought we would end up where we are today. He was a cool guy but I typically go for the tall, blonde, blue-eyed athletic type… Well Hector is pretty opposite of that but that is not why I married him. 6 years ago, we were literally the clone of each other… crazy, outgoing, funny, silly, dramatic and always down for a good time. Over the years we have definitely changed and grown up (me more than him) but we are still more in love than ever. Hector always knows how to make me laugh and will look at the positive side of things. He is super responsible and the best part is he is a GREAT daddy 🙂

h and r

h and c

What would your husband want from you for Valentines Day? What are you actually getting him?

He probably doesn’t expect anything from me except maybe a card and a kiss but I am planning to get him a large basket of “man stuff” Tools, beer, socks, underwear, snacks etc. I have done this for him before and he totally loved it. We also agreed that we were going to make each other homemade cards so that will be fun…. or maybe this one will work lol


What are your plans for Valentines Day? I would love to hear about your valentine and why you love them!! 

Brittany 🙂


16 thoughts on “Who’s your Valentine?

  1. The picture of you being proposed to might be the most amazing photo I’ve ever seen! I loved reading about how happy you guys are together 🙂

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  2. Oh my gracious! What a precious post. I love every bit of this! You two are adorable. And the onsie when he proposed is just icing on top. So cute!

    Liked by 1 person

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