Garnier “Skin Active”Review

Do you have oily skin? As I have already mentioned before, my skin is pretty oily and very acne prone. I still cant figure out why or when it will EVER stop but I guess that’s life. My mom has always said she thinks its from sweat and working out. I’m always on the search … More Garnier “Skin Active”Review

December Fashion

Wow! We are almost through our first full week of January and first work week of the year! It feels good to be back in routine mode and getting the year started. I start to get super ancy pants when we are out of routine and there is no plan or agenda. Trust me I … More December Fashion

Holiday Break Recap/Christmas Decor & SANTA!!

We are officially in the BEST MONTH EVER…. DECEMBER!!!!! Christmas, Birthdays, Holiday parties, FOOD, Shopping, Cold Weather, Christmas Decorations & SANTA! Sorry for the all caps and numerous exclamations but I literally am obsessed with Christmas! I do love me some Thanksgiving and stuffing my face with super unhealthy food but everything about Christmas just … More Holiday Break Recap/Christmas Decor & SANTA!!