Motherhood – Crazy Things We Do For Our Kids

Parenthood can make us do crazy things. One minute, you are partying it up at the bar while someone holds your hair up over the toilet and 5 years later, you are cleaning up your child’s poop out of the bathtub. Boogers, Barf, Spit-up, Dirty Diapers, Stinky Socks and daily trips to McDonald’s are all now part of the norm. We suddenly have a gushing fire hose of emotions like love, protectiveness and determination — all for the sake of our children.

When you have your own children, it really starts to make you realize how much your parents did for you as a child. At the time, you think it is just what they are supposed to do. It’s their job right?!?… You don’t think about all of the sacrifices, hard work, late nights & all of the expenses. I think we all know the saying “you will understand when you have kids”… Well, that time has come!!

Of course, you get plenty of advanced warning about the big sacrifices. Like the fact you can’t just pop out for a drink anymore or that your house will soon be re-assembled to an indoor drag race. This made me think about all the crazy things we do for our kids. Today, I wanted to share some things motherhood has made me do… I hope that I am not alone or I am the only crazy parent out there! (I am also sharing some of my favorite photos of him through the years)…

Yes, I might have a shed a tear reminiscing through these :*(

1. You creep into your kids’ rooms at night to check for breathing and make sure they’re alive.

2. You pick boogers from your child’s nose and catch his vomit with your bare hands. Body fluids no longer faze you.


3. You obsess over number two. Too much poop? Too little poop? You probably keep a poop chart too.

4. You carry a mini-grocery store with you at all times.



5. You willingly taste your own booger because your kid will not rest until you’ve tried one too.

6. Put your kid in a Paw Patrol costume while fighting off diarrhea.


7. Blame a fart on a child.

8. You don’t minding sitting on a toilet seat to warm it up because it’s too cold for your 3-year-old.


9. Get someone dressed while you’re in the shower.

10. You walk into your child’s room and smell the air. You can sniff out a used pull-up within seconds… “Did something die in here?”


11. Let someone watch you pee as they stare while sipping their juice box.

12. You start catching yourself singing to Bubble Guppies even after your child has gone to bed.


Call me crazy, but I wouldn’t change this life for anything! He is my best friend and my number one forever. I will always be a little crazy when it comes to my child. I think every parent would agree! It’s the crazy little things you do for your kids every single day – those are the things that make you a brilliant parent. It’s the little, everyday sacrifices that take you by surprise; the way in which you put your children first without giving it a second thought. Like staying up all night to make their favorite super hero costume or watching Peppa Pig over and over until you start speaking in British. And one day, many years from now, your children will thank you. Promise!

What are some crazy things you have done for your kids?

Brittany 🙂

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