Game Day Style ft. LaCroix Water








Happy Monday & Columbus Day!!! The weekend continues today for me (thankfully)  Yay for company holidays 🙂

As a little tomboy, I looked forward to game days like most people look forward to Christmas, whether we we watching the game at the stadium or from home. Game day was always a huge production at our house. When it comes to game day fashion, I am all over the map. For most events I dress in whatever I am feeling the best in at that moment. Game day is no exception.

Your game day apparel is a lot more versatile than just something you would wear to the game. Of course to represent your alma mater, a comfy tee is a must. The VS PINK store has a fabulous selection for college game day gear. I attended college in Cincinnati and danced on the field for game day’s. Being festive and representing my school colors is important to keep the spirit alive. Pairing with comfy jean shorts and easy slip on booties keeps it cool for those hotter games. For a casual day outfit, a little accessorizing goes a long way. Adding a light layer like a long-sleeve shirt or jacket and a game-day hat immediately adds a little something extra to your look.

Of course the celebration isn’t complete without some cold beverages & food! If you have not tried LaCroix Water yet, your tastebuds are missing out! The tasty sparkling water flavors are all derived from the natural essence oils extracted from the named fruit. LaCroix has introduced tons of new-ish flavors including mango and passionfruit, and taller, skinnier cans called LaCroix Cúrate that are available in exotic blends, Cerise Lémon (my favorite), Piña Fraise, and Muré Pepino. These bubbly beverages are a reward in a can that aren’t full of sugar, sodium and chemicals like soda and diet soda. Not bad for a beverage that was originally made in Wisconsin’s very own LaCrosse. That’s a WIN-WIN in my book!


What team are you rooting for?

Brittany 🙂

5 thoughts on “Game Day Style ft. LaCroix Water

  1. That outfit is game day perfection! I’ve tried to like La Croix, but I haven’t accquired a taste for it yet. I know so many people love it. I need to give it a second chance and put down the Diet Pepsi. I cheer for the Tar Heels, win or lose!!


  2. Work it Mama!!!! Love this look, it suits your perfectly! And glad to hear about La Croix, I’ve heard a lot of good things, but have yet to try, another positive review is definitely a sign that I need to grab some! I suppose I’m wired to root for the Giants, but I don’t do very much rooting….or watching for that matter lol.


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