Blogs You Should Be Following

Happy Freakin Friday!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

Yes, its “Freakin” Friday and I am more pumped than ever!! We are heading into another long, holiday weekend with lots of fun stuff planned. And the major plus… No Work Monday!!!!!!

One of my favorite things to do is follow fellow bloggers and read about all of their amazing lives. I always get so inspired by other bloggers and it makes me want to be a better blogger. I follow a variety of blogs; Lifestyle, Fashion, Food, DIY, Home Decor etc. I have shared some of my favorites today and I am totally suggesting that you all follow these as well. They never disappoint.

Here are some of my favorites….


A Beautiful Mess

 A Beautiful Mess is a women’s lifestyle company focused on creating happiness every day through a homemade lifestyle. These beautiful and talented ladies share home decor projects, recipes, and crafts, as well as bits of their lives. Being a craft freak, I love reading about their DIY home projects and attempting some of these myself. They never seize to amaze me 🙂


Kerrently by Courtney Kerr

At first glance, Courtney Kerr is quickly recognized for her larger than life personal style: It’s playful, fun, & full of her sassy personality. This outspoken Dallasite has spent most of her life eating, sleeping, and breathing fashion…so much so that she has dedicated her life to chronicling her fabulous style & taste on her well known blog “What Courtney Wore,” which has transitioned into an online magazine, “KERRently.” From her style do’s & don’ts, to her unfiltered look on life, Courtney’s unique take on style is one I just adore. She is on one of the local radio shows in Dallas and is super hilarious.


The Southern Coterie

The Southern Coterie is a virtual front porch for Southern creatives and entrepreneurs. Designed to offer a community of passionate business owners, makers and doers the opportunity to connect, collaborate and create, the “Southern C” is capturing the South’s entrepreneurial renaissance one post at a time. From “get to know” Q&A’s to inspirational start-up stories, to tips from the top names in the media, blogging, and business community, the “Southern C” is the virtual version of a traditional front porch – a laid-back gathering place to share, inspire, encourage and nurture creative minds.


The Taylor House

Chrissy is an experienced brand ambassadorproduct enthusiast and event participant who has worked with a variety of businesses to enthusiastically promote and endorse their brands! Chrissy has partnered with many businesses to put 110% of her efforts behind brands and their related campaigns. She puts her heart into her work and delights a huge audience with published content, recipe creation, written blog posts, shared thoughts on Twitter and Facebook, shared images via Instagram and Pinterest, and participation in events.


Simply Designing 

This DIY / Craft Blogger located in the Indianapolis area is one of my favorites to follow for interior design inspiration! You can see her passion for interior design and love of creating! She blogs about a variety of topics including recipes, beauty, travel, fitness etc. It is always so enlightening following her creative mind and the fun ideas she is always blogging about.


A Mama In Love

Natalie is a lifestyle blogger where she talks about mama #ootd, dirty diapers, health and everything in between! She is a DIY home decor genius and I adore all of her nursery photos. She has the cutest style and is absolutely beautiful!


Southern Curls & Pearls

Caitlin is a twenty-something graduate of UNC Chapel Hill currently living in Charlotte, NC. She blogs about her day-to-day life and shares her love for fashion, beauty, healthy eating, fitness and life in general. Her photos are always so picture-perfect and I am always inspired to up my camera game when I see her.


The Sweetest Thing

Emily is the blogger behind The Sweetest Thing. Her blog started off as a small outlet for her. It has now evolved into one of the most popular beauty/style blogs. Emily is from a very small town with no malls or great shopping nearby so she was not ever exposed to many learning opportunities that related to fashion or beauty. Watching her blog grow over the years has inspired me to continue doing what I love to do.



What are some of your favorite blogs that you are following?

Brittany 🙂

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