Guest Blogger: Go To Summer Outfits 

Hi guys! I’m Kaitlyn from Me Myself and Everything Else and I’m so excited to be visiting over here on Kingdom of Sequins! As a long time follower and lover of pretty much everything Brittany posts, I was more than excited when we decided to do a little collab! We decided pretty quickly we wanted to do fashion (okay I quickly picked that because hello have you seen that girl’s style?!) and came down to showing you some of our favorite  summer looks and must haves!

We are in full blown sweet, sweet summertime and I’ve been loving all things shorts and fun tops! When people see my closet the first thing they notice is just how many tank tops and summer clothes I have! I can’t help it! That’s just what I love. So here are some pieces I’ve been loving! Make sure to go check out what Brittany is showing over on my blog. Trust me, you will not be disappointed!

Graphic Tees

High waisted shorts and converse 

Comfy tops + Adorable bralettes 

Loose Dresses 

Cold shoulder tops 

I mean just look at that cold shoulder!;)

Let me know below what summer looks you’re loving! And thank you Brittany for letting me take over for a day! 🙂


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