What I’m Loving Lately #7

reese witherspoon dancing

I don’t know about you but I am beyond glad this week is over… Way too much going on at work with meetings and new employees while trying to actually work lol – I was under the weather yesterday so that didn’t help and I am still a little sick today. But, I am going back to one of my favorite posts of the week.. What I’m Loving Lately!! I will have a week 3 recap of my sugar-free diet for you on Monday!!

Here are some things that I have been loving lately.

Dole Smoothie Freezer Packs

I have been obsessed with smoothies, especially in the mornings since they are quick and easy. I found these at Central Market and they are super delicious. As far as sugar content, there is 1 gram of sugar on the label but due to the amount of fruit I went with that lol… My favorite is the Strawberry, Peaches & Bananas.

Mario Bedescu Skincare

Acne Facial Cleanser

I have not found a skincare line that I have stuck with for longer than 6 months until NOW! I read about it awhile back and kept seeing so many bloggers recommend it. I had to try it! And I am so glad I did, it’s amazing! My favorite product that I can not go without is the Acne Facial Cleanser. It feels awesome and smells great. I have never seen results like this before with any other product. It is also very affordable and its sold everywhere!

Favorite Instagram Account: LegWorkout

Tools & Tips On How To Get Great Legs!💁 📱KiK: Sexybodytips 📧Business inquiries: InstaFamousEnterprises@gmail.com


This account has numerous videos from fitness bloggers. There are several videos with leg workouts and numerous exercises to add to your workouts. I check on this account daily for new exercises to add to my workouts, especially leg day. This is one of the great things about social media…. FREE advertisement and workouts!!! 🙂



Being new homeowners has made me become a decorating natzi!! I just want to redecorate and buy all new furniture like NOW! I took a trip to Homegoods this week and literally found so much amazing stuff. I walked away with these two benches and this amazing pineapple pillow! My husband has put a hold on buying anymore furniture until we actually move lol – darn 🙂


I am doing a shoutout to one of the greatest artists of our time… PRINCE! I am still super sad about the passing of such an amazing artist! I did not find out until late last night that he was gone. His music was everything and much more… My favorite was “Baby Im a Star” and of course the biggest hit “Purple Rain”. We lost a great artist yesterday but his legacy will never die!

What are some things you are loving lately? Any big plans this weekend?

Brittany 🙂

9 thoughts on “What I’m Loving Lately #7

  1. I’ve seen the smoothie bags things before but I’ve never tried them. I need to find something for breakfast that I can make quickly and head out the door. I’m just moving apartments, but I want to buy all new stuff too. I’ve stayed away from Home Goods for that very reason. I love the pieces you got. That leopard bench is calling my name. Enjoy your weekend!

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    1. They are delicious!!! Moving totally makes me want ALL new stuff… Trying to talk him into a new headboard for our bed but the ones I keep finding are like a house payment lol – you need the leopard bench 🙂

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  2. I’ve been super curious about the Mario products for a while now. I’ve heard such amazing things about it. I just need to buy it and stop holding off lol … Does the acne cleanser dry out your face at all?

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