Benefits of Foam Rolling

If you work out regularly, but have never used a foam roller, you are definitely missing out! There are so many benefits to incorporating this technique into your workout routine, that you will wonder why you had never tried it before! Foam rolling regularly can improve your hamstring flexibility and balance, decrease exercise fatigue, and reduce your likelihood of being sore in the first place. I always make sure to foam roll after every workout, especially after leg day! If I am feeling extra tight in the morning, I will do it while I am catching up on the news and drinking my coffee… of course this depends on the mood of my child 🙂 I used to be flexible in my dancing days but of course that has decreased over time. I have found foam rolling to be SO helpful in this process.

If you have seen people foam rolling and wondered what the heck they were doing, keep reading. I used to think the same thing until I actually got one and now I cant go a day without it.

What is foam rolling?

Foam rolling is a technique that involves slowly rolling a foam cylinder along many parts of the body including leg muscles, back and glutes in order to help break down muscle fiber. These exercises can be completed before or after exercise, to enhance your workout.


Helps release muscle knots  if you work out regularly, it is quite easy for a build up of lactic acid, or connective tissue to create muscle knots. Foam Rolling can help to break up this tissue to prevent knots.

Increased blood flow – to your muscles, which improves delivery of oxygen during your workout.

Stress relief – Foam rolling helps you release tension in your muscles and joints. This is a great way to de-stress after a hectic day!

Improves flexibility – stretches that can be performed with a foam roller can help to lengthen the muscles, improving flexibility.

Helps prevent injury – as we become regular exercisers, it can be easy for the muscles to become tighter and tighter. This runs the risk of injury as tight muscles are more prone to injury.

Helps ease muscle pain – if you already have very tight muscles, you may be experiencing pain when performing some exercises. Foam rolling will help to break up the tissue, and help relax the muscles.

Extends your range of movement – if your range of movement has been limited due to your level of flexibility, foam rolling is a great way to help overcome this by gradually improving flexibility.

It can help to reduce cellulite – Improved blood flow can also help with the removal of toxins from your muscles, meaning that foam rolling may help to reduce the appearance of cellulite. YAAAAAHHHSSSSS!!!!!! 🙂

Even professional athletes foam roll mainly to avoid injury. Their muscles are being worked 3-4 hours at a time so keeping their muscles lose is important.

I have linked some of the top foam rollers below:

Implus Trigger Point - Grid Foam Roller 1 unit

Trigger Point Foam Roller

STOTT PILATES 15'' Massage Point Foam Roller - Dick's Sporting Goods

Massage Point Foam Roller

Restore Deep Tissue Roller

Deep Tissue Roller

All Deep Tissue Foam Roller   – I own this one! 🙂

Have you tried foam rolling? What are some other techniques/devices you currently use?

Brittany 🙂

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