Happy One Year Wedding Anniversary, Mr. Garcia :)


~March 14, 2015~ A year ago today, I married my best friend! I just wanted to give a short and sweet shoutout to my soulmate, “boo” and baby-daddy!! 🙂

To put it plainly, I am just so lucky to have found him 6 years ago. After starting a family you realize what you have, how good you have it, and we are just really, really solid and happy. I don’t want to go on and blab about how much we love each other or how we are such a good match, because no one likes to hear the details. Besides sometimes it’s even simpler – while there might be many others that I could have been happy with, I found the right person. 

The last 6 years with him have been so good, but not without our problems. Some years were amazing and some years weren’t so good. It’s almost like the health of a long-term relationship is similar in a lot of ways to your own physical health. Nobody has perfect health their entire life. Everybody has some problems. It’s just figuring them out, diagnosing them, knowing how serious are they are and learning how to treat them that determines whether you survive or not.

I have learned A LOT in this past year. I had no idea what to expect when I started this biggest of my journeys, the journey called marriage. But it is the best thing that’s ever happened to me and it has let me grow in a way nothing else ever has before. The support of a man through his unconditional love can move mountains.

we met

(6 yrs ago when we first met, so young)



(our honeymoon)


(favorite pic of all time!!)

Happy Monday Friends!!!!

Brittany 🙂

23 thoughts on “Happy One Year Wedding Anniversary, Mr. Garcia :)

  1. I can see why that picture of the four of you is your favorite ever. I LOVE it! What a great capture! You guys are a beautiful family!

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