What I’m Loving Lately #4

Now I have that song in my head from C&C Music Factory!!!! 🙂

Happy Friday!!! How is it almost March already?!?!… Time is flying but Spring is almost here and that makes it all worth it! Patios, warmer weather, baseball and cookouts are just a view of my favorite things about Spring! And here are a few things that I am loving at the moment….

Ripped Jeans

Totally obsessed with all of these…. I have been so into ripped jeans lately and want every pair I see! It is so easy to pair these with a leather jacket for an edgy look or you can pair with a sweater for a more casual vibe. With the warmer weather coming, ripped jeans are perfect for a transitional look.


I have been craving these so much lately and realizing there are so many ways to eat them. They can be thrown in salads, mixed with tuna or a made into a low-fat guacamole dip. Avocados can be incorporated into any meal. I have recently discovered the baked egg in an avocado and its simply amazing!

Here is a recent recipe I found and its super easy. There are also several health benefits that are linked to avocados.

Babies!!!!!!!!! (baby fever)

I am having REAAAAALLLYYY bad baby fever lately! And these pictures are totally making it worse….. 🙂 I feel like my entire Facebook news feed is nothing but baby pictures and newborns. My husband and I both agree we do not want anymore kids (at the moment) especially with everything going on in our lives right now but every time I see a baby I WANT ONE!!!! For the time being, I am just getting my baby fix every now and then getting to hold our friends new babies 🙂

Ashley Graham

I think the picture speaks for itself but if you have not seen this yet, Ashley Graham is the first plus-size model to be on the cover of SI. She is killin it in that swimsuit. I think this speaks so much to our society and generation about body image. You should feel confident no matter what size or shape and SI has really stepped up and made it a reality. Kuddos to them! 🙂

The Bachelor

I am not embarrassed to say that this show has been an addiction of mine for awhile but this season has made it 10x worse. Ben is pretty hot and seems caring and honest but again this is tv so who knows how real all of it really is. I like to believe all of it is real and live in my own fantasy world 🙂

If you watch along with me, I was rooting for JoJo all season up until last Monday. I thought she was the only one that was pretty normal compared to most of the other crazies in the house but after seeing how she handled her ex-boyfriend situation and explaining it to Ben made me see her as shady. I am not one to judge because I have never been in that kind of situation but she still seems pretty hung up on her ex. I think she will probably be gone after next week but not sure who he picks in the end… What are y’alls predictions?

What are some things you are loving right now? 

Brittany 🙂

18 thoughts on “What I’m Loving Lately #4

  1. I haven’t been watching The Bachelor this season, but I’ve watched most of the others. I bought a pair of distressed jeans and they should be here tomorrow. I’ve been loving them too and I hope these work. Have a great weekend!

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  2. I have no idea who Ben is going to choose! From the previews it looks like he doesn’t know either, ha! I think Lauren is going to be one of the two he gets hung up on. The two of them seem to have had a strong connection for a long time.

    I love avocado! I’ve never tried an egg in an avocado before, but that looks so delicious!


  3. I love the ripped jeans and avocados too! And I’m obsessed with the Bachelor! I feel ya on Jojo though. The hometown date was just weird and honestly was SHOCKED that he kept her. I’m team Lauren B and Caila 🙂


  4. That whole first outfit is amazing!! Ripped jeans, sweater and pink coat! I want it all!! Also, the bachelor has me so so obsessed right now and I think she’s the next to go home too. I honestly can’t decide between the other two though! These three have been my favorites since the beginning! Can’t wait to see how it ends!

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