363 more days til Christmas….


Well it has come and gone and Christmas is officially over… Slightly depressed about it but good news is there are only 363 more days til next Christmas lol 🙂 The Monday after Christmas I am back at work ready to knock out some end of the year projects. I was going to work from home this week but being home with a 4 year old boy wanting to play superheroes was exhausting! At one point last week, I was writing emails with his Iron Man mask on just so he would be happy 🙂 Being Iron Man, office manager and supporting 4 executives was anything but easy so I was ready to come into the office today!

I actually got all of my Christmas shopping done Wednesday which left all of the cleaning and baking for Christmas Eve! My family comes to our house for Christmas Eve and we have a big dinner and open gifts. I was in charge of desserts since I still had to clean my house. It was easier for me to whip up some sweets while getting a whole house ready for 15 people!!! I made the classic pretzel kisses with M&M’s on top and some brownies (not pictured)…


The calm before the storm… Soaking up the quiet and sipping some wine before everyone arrived.


Outfit of choice this year was a Santa sweatshirt that my husband actually ordered for his company party. It was delivered late so I decided to put it to good use… Comfy leggings from Old Navy (sold out) and socks are from TopShop.


The Elf (cousin) and Rudolph passed out gifts to everyone….


I did not get any pictures of us opening gifts since I was helping my son open his presents. He was pretty blessed this Christmas since he got EVERY superhero costume for his “superhero corner”… I will post pics from this project very soon. We enjoyed watching everyone open their gifts and we played some fun games. Then came time for Santa to come so it was off to bed for Ridge. My mom and dad stayed with us and everyone else drove back home. I “helped” Santa with all of Ridge’s new toys and he even wanted me to “help” finish his cookies and milk 🙂

And just like that it was CHRISTMAS DAY!!!!!!



He got his bike and lots of other fun toys he asked Santa to bring him. Seeing his face light up is the reason I just love Christmas! 🙂

These were some of my favorite things I received for Christmas:


JBL Wireless headphones = AMAZING!!!

Running shoes – Asics

Shorts – Nike

Headbands – Under Armour

On Christmas Day, we go to my aunts house for lunch and to open more gifts with my mom’s stepbrothers family. Staying festive with the wardrobe, I wore the reindeer dress I was supposed to wear for our company party. It also arrived late so another excuse to sport some Christmas gear! I loved this outfit!!!



Of course when we got back home it was time for more “superheroes”…


Overall, this was an amazing Christmas and we are so blessed with such an amazing family. I would love to hear about your holidays!!! 🙂

What were some of your favorite gifts? Any New Years plans?

Brittany 🙂



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