Bestie Reunion… ATL!


Omg…. We are 3 days out from CHRISTMAS!!!! And I am no where close to being done shopping! But that’s nothing new for me… This happens every year! I am back from our girls weekend in Atlanta and officially OFF WORK for 2 weeks! But I think I might have eaten the entire state of Atlanta this weekend… :/

This was an all girls/birthday celebration weekend. We originally wanted to do Mexico or somewhere tropical but being so close to the holidays we knew we didn’t wanna break the bank and be left totally broke! One of my best friends lives in Atlanta now for work, my other best friend travels for work all the time, and my bff from college came from Cincy! The only time I am most happy in my life (other than being with my husband and child) is all of my best friends in the same place at the same time. We got to the ATL on Saturday and immediately started poppin bottles!!



After a couple glasses of champagne, we went to one of Atlanta’s finest… Canoe! It’s looks over a river and has the best salmon I’ve ever eaten. The chef is from Australia so everything was super fancy and perfect! I wanted to get my Beyonce on and find some good jams so we went to Graveyard Bar.


Not sure it was the right place for quick drinks BUT they definitely played all the jams. One of the girls bought a little too many tequila shots but I was too busy dancing to be found lol – they woke up not feeling too hot! Everyone but me was hungover lol… I guess I was Beyonceying too hard to worry about shots! I was STARVING so I drug everyone to brunch at another staple restaurant… Not Another Broken Egg Cafe! Best waffles and syrup!!



Now that our bellies were full, we needed to do some shopping. We headed to the Lennox Center mall. I was in heaven… This mall has EVERY store! Got some gifts for the fam and some sweet new kicks! I didn’t have much more room in my luggage so I had to buy an extra bag to carry it all home .. Whoops!

FullSizeRender (1)
For dinner, we went to one of the BEST diners ever.. OK Cafe. It is a family owned, Southern diner that literally has the best mac n cheese you’ve ever touched. There was a 45 minute wait so we knew it had to be good! I had a food baby because I couldn’t stop eating…
We were all so full and tired we decided to take the party back to my friends apt. We played Christmas music, drank beer and had a dance party in the living room…
I think the best part of the trip was sleeping in til 11am both days. I know I sound like an old lady but my son is up by 7am EVERYDAY no matter what! This momma got more sleep this weekend than I have in 4 years. Being 30 has been awesome so far and I hope it continues being AMAZING in 2016!!
What are some of your favorite girl trips? Do you still have shopping to do for Christmas?


12 thoughts on “Bestie Reunion… ATL!

  1. Sounds like you had a fantastic girls trip! The food looks amazing, and those shoes are SOOOOOOO cute!!! YAY for 2 weeks off- my vacation starts tomorrow for 2 weeks as well 🙂 Good luck getting all your shopping done- I am sure you got this!

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