DIY Christmas Wreath

“Its the most wonderful time of the year….” This is the tune that was playing during one of my favorite holiday traditions…. Wreath making!

I have loved crafts since I was little and I remember watching my mom make shirts, crafts, scrapbooks, holiday decor etc. I am obsessed with scrapbooking when time allows me to do it. I learned how to sew and started making bows but then life got in the way and my child has consumed all of my time…. I actually turned my stepdaughters room into a craft room at one point :/ But, when Christmas time comes around you better believe I am crafting away making holiday decor. Wreaths are my obsession!!! I never feel like I can make enough because of the numerous amounts of ideas that go through my head. This year I am really into reindeer everything!

I thought I would share a DIY tutorial on how to make a Christmas wreath. All it takes is some fun Christmas decor, 30 minutes and a glass of wine! (And I had some helpers as you will see in the pictures) It really is pretty easy and looks great once it is all complete!

I got all of my supplies at Michael’s where everything for the holidays is 50% right now… You can download the Michael’s app and put in your store location. You will have access to coupons and discounts 🙂 Beware…. you might go a little crazy like I did!


Ornaments: 2 packs for $5.00, Poinsetta pedals: $1.99 each


Red mesh: On sale $2.99, Striped ribbon: On sale $3.99, Burlap: Large roll $6.99

I ended up not using the gold mesh or the leopard ribbon. Don’t worry, they will get used on my next project 🙂


Reindeer: $12.99, Wreath: $14.99

Here are the steps for the DIY Reindeer Christmas Wreath. You can edit to make it your own creation but this is just a template 🙂


Start by wrapping the burlap all the way around the wreath. Leave a little bit of space between each piece. You want to get the wider roll of burlap for a better visual on the wreath.


They do not have to be perfect because the other ribbon will be spread out covering some of the burlap pieces.


Take the mesh ribbon and do the same thing as the burlap. Try to keep the same space as the burlap so you can still see parts of the green in the wreath. As you are wrapping the red mesh around, start to twist it so it becomes a little thinner as you go. This will help make sure you are still seeing the other pieces of the wreath.


Try to keep the mesh ribbon spread out for the striped ribbon that will be next……. (Can you can see a little arm in the background? 🙂


Now with the striped ribbon, do the same thing as the others. I used this one a little more than the others because I wanted it to be the main focus. You can use any other kind of ribbon but this just screamed CHRISTMAS! 🙂


I adjusted the pieces to make them a little more even throughout the wreath. All the ribbon is done. Now onto the reindeer!


I used pipe cleaners and poked them through the wiring of the reindeer on each side. You will probably have to cut them in half because most of them come in longer strands.


I put them on all four sides of the reindeer. This will secure that it stays in place. Once it is poked through the actual wreath, tie each strand together and twist until you cant twist them anymore. Then wrap them around the actual wiring of the wreath.


This picture shows the pipe cleaner wrapped through the wreath. (It was hard to get a closer picture)


Now your reindeer is ready for Santa! 🙂 Next step is placing the poinsetta petals.


I bought these that have little clips on the back to help keep them in place. I stuck mine to the bottom on each side of the reindeer.


I pushed them through as much of the burlap ribbon as possible since it is the most sturdy ribbon. So far they have stayed 🙂 Now for the ornaments…


I used the pipe cleaners for these also. I cut them in half and put them through the round part where they would hang from a hook. My other helper decided he was tired 🙂


I did the same with these as the reindeer. Stick the pipe cleaner through the wiring of the wreath and just twist them together. I put them all around the wreath.

And now for the final product!!!!…………..


I am super obsessed with this one…. It looks so festive and fabulous from the outside also. I hope this post is helpful and you can make the perfect wreath for Christmas!

Happy Crafting!

Brittany 🙂

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