Flywheel Spinning



That should be the title of this post! I can barely walk today let alone sit on my bottom. I have been exploring other workouts all over the metroplex to switch up my workouts. Running and lifting weights is something I love doing but I am also getting older and I can tell gravity is not my friend. As I am typing this, I can feel my muscles just working away throughout my whole body. I have been active my whole life and if there is a class that will make you break a sweat… its a spin class!

I have taken spin classes at LA Fitness and 24 Hour fitness and yes they have kicked my butt but these are geared towards the actual technique and program of cycling. They have technology that actually tracks your ride the entire class so it makes it a little more competitive and realistic like you are actually riding with a crew outside. I did not like watching myself in the mirror slightly struggling halfway through class so I was thankful for the tracking system to view my progress. This made me work even harder 🙂

I took the class last night at the brand new Flywheel Highland Park location. At first I was like “I got this!” (much like the Pure Barre class) but its amazing how you suddenly “Don’t got this!!!!” The warm up was a nice intro into the cycling but once we got started it was serious business. I was already breathing pretty heavy about 15 minutes into class and the sweat was pouring…. The one thing that I LOVED was the music. There is a playlist that goes with each cycling sequence so it slightly felt like I was teaching dance at one point. It is distracting and I need that for any and every workout!


The class was not completely full so you could get a view of other people struggling as much as you but that makes the class more rewarding when you do not feel like you are alone. I left class soaked in sweat and that is a GREAT feeling! I totally recommend this class to everyone especially those that hate the gym. It keeps your workouts interesting and you are allowing yourself to work muscles that sometimes do not get worked with just running or weights. Some of these classes are also offered on Class Pass where you can sign up and check out hundreds of studios and classes all over DFW! As far as clothing, I did not get a picture of myself before or after (hotmess) but I wore leggings and a tank top. It was pretty comfortable but the only thing I did notice was pants that have a cushion on the rear for the seats. You will be sore the next day from the seat but that is normal.

Recommendation: Bring a towel and a water bottle. You will need them! If you have never taken a spin class before and you are wanting to switch up your workouts, Flywheel is a MUST!

Happy Spinning!!!

Brittany 🙂

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