Geeking out my inner “Swiftie”


O. M. G!!!!!! That is all I can say about the Taylor Swift 1989 World Tour Concert! And I can check Taylor Swift Concert off my bucketlist!

I have always been a T-Swift fan, a #swiftie, but have never actually been to one of her concerts before. I honestly was not a huge fan of hers until the last couple of years with her more catchier jams. I honestly thought she was annoying, immature and just not my type of music to listen to. I am a country music fan but more the George Strait, Garth Brooks, Brooks & Dunn music. I do love me some Carrie Underwood too! And I really could not deal watching her accepting awards on all of the awards shows… You def know what I’m talking about lol 🙂

But…. I have to admit, she has grown up and has matured to an amazing young woman. In other words… she is pretty much AWESOME! I have much respect for her and her music. So when I heard she was coming to Dallas, I knew I had to get tickets because it was going to be amazing! Her thing for this tour was bringing a celebrity or singer on stage at every concert. She has had some pretty freaking awesome people as special guests at her shows so I knew she could not disappoint Dallas.


Got my concert outfit together the day before and was ready to get this party started! I was wanting something a little more shiny and flashy but I also wanted to be comfortable due to the parking & walking situation at Cowboys Stadium…. I went for a hippy/edgy look and LOVED it! Red leather shorts from Movida Boutique, long sleeve blouse from Forever 21 and the black furry vest is Betsy Johnson from JC Penneys!

We of course had some pre-concert drinks jamming to some T-Swift on the way. We knew parking sucks and just getting into the show was going to take up an hour of our time. I think the whole city of Dallas had the same idea… We got there about an hour in a half early but so did everyone else! lol We had pretty decent seats for Cowboys Stadium but I wanted to make sure we were close to the jumbo tron which is like the size of the floor 🙂


So best part of the whole concert…. You guys are NOT going to believe what happened to us…. We actually made friends with one of the ushers (remember we got there pretty early lol) and small world, he went to high school with one of the girls we were with. Soooooooooooo…… As the night is going on, we are just asking questions about Taylor and all the cool stuff he gets to see being an usher. About 30 minutes before she is scheduled to hit the stage, he mentions seeing her dressing room backstage the day before. Of course I freak out and want to know all the details and he proceeds to speak the words… “So do y’all wanna go backstage and check it out?!?” WWHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTT?????????? DDDUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have a video of her dressing room on my phone that I am too sissy to post because of legal reasons but it was like the best thing EVER!!! It was the room that she goes to underneath the stage for quick wardrobe changes but it was like AMAZING! My day, dream, life was made!!!


Jennifer and I went back to the seats to watch her come out… I couldn’t miss this moment! I was getting anxious for her special guest to come on stage… I just knew it was going to be Beyonce! 🙂 About 3-4 songs in, she introduces someone who I love! Her music is awesome and she is just getting better and better with every song…. Her special guest for Dallas was ELLIE GOULDING!!! She was awesome and is super adorable…. I was not disappointed at all 🙂 I am so sad we never got a picture with the usher because he was a big part of making our night lol 🙂

So if you ever get the chance to see Taylor in concert…. GO!!! You just never know what it could lead to or who you could meet at a #taylorswift concert!


Swiftie for life,

Brittany 🙂


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