Date night – The Lot

the lot

If you know me then you know that I like a good beer on a patio. Especially when the weather is in the 70’s and there is entertainment for my hyper active almost 4 year old child! I heard there was a restaurant that actually had a large patio, good food and a play area for kids so I got to have a date night with my two favorite guys. It is so hard to take our little boy to a restaurant without some sort of entertainment (ipad, tv, coloring books, phone etc) Sometimes I think to myself how did we survive being children and not being bored. We didn’t have a choice but to conversate and talk to each other 🙂 These days its like unheard of to not have some sort of tech gadget with you wherever you go…. So I guess I have become that parent. BUT I will say his ipad is filled with educational games and puzzles so maybe I have not totally ruined him. Being a boy, he wants to play and constantly be outside so I knew the playground/sandbox area was going to be a hit.


We pulled up and it looked totally packed! Other parents must love a good beer and patio too…. 🙂 The hostess told us it would be an hour wait for the patio. I knew I couldn’t wait an hour to eat so I just told my husband to put our name down and we will get some drinks and watch him play. (I really had an ulterior motive lol) My son immediately found the play area and was in total heaven! He was off to get dirty and put all of his non-stop energy to good use. And sure enough, momma found what she was looking for….. an empty table on the patio that no one was occupying. My husband asked the hostess if we could sit there and she said “if you would like but that is in the middle of where all the kids run around.” If there is alcohol being served, I can handle it 🙂

We went ahead and ordered because the smell of the food that surrounded us was making me crazy. Cheese fries for me + burger for the hubby + grilled cheese for the toddler = Done! We are all set. My thoughts as the night went on and the beer was flowing: One beer deep, “This place is pretty cool.” Two beers deep, “This is the best place ever and the food is even better!” Three beers deep (my husband stopped since hes the driver), “We are coming here every weekend, forever!” My son was in heaven, great beer, great food and all on a patio! I was sold! I even mentioned to my husband about having my 30th birthday party here. They have a section with a live band, adult corn-hole and volleyball and there is a bar area inside with big screens. It is pretty much the whole she-bang for a great Saturday night!

lot bar

Here are restaurant details:



(Kitchen closing at 10pm)
(Kitchen closing at 11pm)
7530 East Grand (at Gaston)
(214) 321-1990

This was my Saturday Date Night outfit:

sat night outfit

It was still hot enough to wear shorts but cool enough for some fall colors. This is probably the most comfortable kimino I own from Francesca’s. I am a boutique freak. That is pretty much where I shop because they each carry unique, trendy stuff that you wont find in department stores. The jean shorts are from Nordstroms but I did get my money’s worth out of these… I lived in them all summer. I also love seasonal beer especially Sam Adams – Oktoberfest! If you love craft beers then I highly recommend making this your beer for the fall. Stay tuned for more from The Lot and my closet 🙂

Brittany 🙂

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